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Gift Ideas – Flasks for the Holidays

Posted by Phyllis under Gift Ideas

Flasks have become very popular this season, not just for us, but according to friends who are also in business. Could be the economy, but just imagine taking that flask to a football game! Buy your first drink (or not) and then just keep pouring from the flask. Please remember to have a designated driver!!!!

Hot on our website has been the ladies crystal flask, pictured here, which only carries 1-1/2 ounces, but the look is dynamite and the ladies say “this is for my diet salad dressing.”

Also check out the leather covered flasks as well as the beautiful stainless flask with the gold plate for personalizing. These make wonderful gifts and will be used for a very long time!


Personalized Cheese Boards

Posted by Phyllis under Gift Ideas

This week we are featuring the Personalized Cheese Boards made from recycled wine bottles. You will find these cheese boards in the Gift Collections under "Custom Cheese Boards/Bottles," "Corporate Gifts" and "Wedding Accessories + Favors" The “Invitation” Cheese Board makes a great gift and IS the Party, Wedding or Special Event invitation. Imagine inviting the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, etc. to a smaller party using the Cheese Board as both the invitation and a permanent gift to them to remember the occasion! If a smaller wedding, you might want to invite all of your guests with the cheeseboard and in this manner, all will have the unique favor for always.

As the Corporate Gift, this has already proved itself to be a winner for this season. Notice the personalization of who you are giving it to, right down to you, the giver with your company name or even the company name along with your own personalization. Anything can be done so that this gift will be talked about all year long or whenever used. We LOVE THIS!

We have been doing personalized gifts for years now and I am always recommending a gift that can “go home” to be used. If the lady of the house likes the gift, then they are going to talk about it to everyone they know and remember where they got it forever, always bringing up WHO gave it to them! I do believe that is what you want for your money when you give a gift to a client.

All Cheeseboards come with a small grape knife and are boxed, ready for further wrapping or just for the addition of a ribbon around the box. If ordering 6 or more boards, there is a discount. You will need to e-mail or call us as quantity dictates the discount.

Happy browsing – and happy shopping. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help you in any way that we can and to keep the stress levels down.


Personalized Gifts for the Holidays!

Posted by Phyllis under Gift Ideas

Now that you have your list made (remember, those who have been naughty and those who have been nice), consider carefully those who you simply cannot forget. With these tough economic times you need to prioritize and we will try to help. Zone in and set your budget to start shopping with us now. We have many gifts under $25.00, and even starting at $9.00.

Personalized Gifts are always a welcome gift, but please remember that anything personalized will take longer to receive so those gifts need to be ordered now. Personalization can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks before shipping. Unfortunately- we cannot make them move any faster than that. Because WE may want things quickly, remember, there have been many lay-offs leaving fewer people to do the same amount of work that it once took many to do. So in this crazy season, we must also learn the art of “patience.”

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. Just e-mail us and we are happy to answer, or post on this site. Until the next piece of info- get organized to make this a carefree holiday season.


The Holiday Season is Here

Posted by Phyllis under Gift Ideas, Great Gifts Under $25

Now is the time to make your list – and check it twice! You may want to give, whether they have been naughty or nice!

Now is the time of year to make your list of people that you simply cannot forget this holiday season. Taking the time now to prioritize your list of those you cannot forget is the best way to not only stay on budget, but also will make sure that those people who are most important to you receive a gift that is memorable, and shows that you care.


That WOW Look!!

As times are changing and budgets are getting smaller, we will tell you how to create the WOW look no matter what you want to do.

We will also be bringing you the latest “fashion” ideas for general use in trendy paper.

There will also be updates on the newest things that are happening with everyday stationery.

Stay tuned!


Ask Me Anything!

Posted by Phyllis under Ask Phyllis

I have been coordinating weddings and special events for 30 years. I’ve been hired all around the United States and have done some really unique affairs. I was asked last year to help with a wedding in Bangkok, Thailand and learned a lot about the Asian culture and differences in the way they do weddings.

I have met some really wonderful chefs, catering managers, and have a wealth of knowledge from people of various backgrounds. I love what I do and feel very fortunate to have worked with some wonderful families over the years.

After 30 years, I am able and capable to handle whatever comes my way in the business and nothing surprises me, especially at the last minute!

So seriously, ask me ANYTHING!


New Under $25 Gifts!

Posted by Phyllis under Great Gifts Under $25

The holiday gift-giving season is here, and while the economy is down, your gift-giving doesn’t need to be! By planning your gifts now, you can give memorable gifts without making a big dent in your pocketbook. We’ve put together a few ideas to help your gifting decisions be a LOT easier to make!

Compact Magnifying Mirror (Envelope Style)
For ladies’ purses, this is such a gorgeous, stylish gift. We love it because it’s so bright and elegant! We have a fabulous Sunburst style as well.

The “Poquito” Pen
SOOOO CUTE and fun! They are only 3 3/4 inches long, and double as a stylus for PDAs! It’s especially for the female purse or check book (pssst.. under $10!)

Silver Money Clip
for men AND yes, women are using them too (only $18.00 engraved !) Please order early for monogram engraving!

Silver Gilded Mini Vase
Holds flowers, business cards and lots of little things, so this is a great gift for anyone!

Non-Tarnish Silver Slim-Line Pen
A great gift for men or women, it’s minimalist in design and big on style!

We have added Designer Note Cards, Personalized Note Sheets, Luggage Tags, the Amazing Travel Duffle, the Travel Clock-Calculator and even more to our Great Gifts Under $25 list!

Browse our various Gift Collections and if you want to save time, sort them by price (you can go to any category listing like this one: Pens! Pens! Pens!, and click the “Price” column heading) and just look for the prices in your budget.

We hope you look at everything, but if time is important now, use our handy search tool toward the top of the page, or sort any category listing by price. We promise you will have fun and find many things you will love (for gifts, or at these prices, you can even pick up a few things for yourself!).


Our Blog is Up & Running!

Posted by Phyllis under Entertaining Thoughts

We are so excited to welcome you in to our new blog: Tips & Ideas for Gifting, Event Planning, and Weddings!

We now have an open dialog with you, our valued clients, customers and friends. We have so many ideas, happenings and thoughts to share with you, and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say. So, sign up and tell us what you think!